How to read the Cadastral map: summarize only the key contents

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This article summarizes information on how to read the Cadastral map.

A cadastral map is a map showing land ownership, boundaries, topography, and real estate information. Here’s how to view these maps.

Find accessible sources

In most countries, there is a government agency that manages and makes public cadastral maps. Visit the agency’s website or office to find information about obtaining a cadastral map. 지적도무료열람

online search

Most countries provide online cadastral map services over the Internet. You can check the cadastral map by going to the website and searching for the required area or entering the cadastral map number.

Cadastral map search and identification

Search for cadastral maps through online platforms or cadastral maps offices and, if necessary, enter cadastral map numbers, area names, land owner names, etc. to identify search results.

View cadastral map

If you select a cadastral map from the search results, you can use an online viewer to view the cadastral map or download a PDF file.

cadastral map interpretation

Open a cadastral map to view land boundaries, owner names, land size, topographic information, land parcel numbers, and more. Cadastral maps typically show land boundaries and surrounding areas such as roads, rivers, and buildings, helping you find the information you need.

Check out supplementary information

Use local cadastral laws and regulations and the assistance of your local cadastral map office to supplement the information obtained from cadastral maps.

Print or save a cadastral map

If necessary, you can print or save the cadastral map for future reference.
Methods for viewing cadastral maps may vary depending on the country and region, so it is important to consult local authorities or websites for more information.

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