Popular topic ideas for bloggers in their 30s

People in their 30s are a generation with diverse interests and experiences, so it is important for their blogs to choose topics that are in high demand and will provide successful content. In this article, we’ll give you some ideas for popular topics that bloggers in their 30s can run successfully with, and take a look at what to consider when choosing each topic.

1. Travel and adventure

People in their 30s are a generation that enjoys traveling and seeking new experiences. Travel blogs cover a variety of travel destinations, cultures, food, etc. and are a great topic to share your diverse travel experiences with your readers. Things to consider when starting a travel blog:

  • Travel planning and budget management
  • Things to watch out for while traveling
  • Travel tips and recommended places

2. Health and fitness

Health and fitness blogs are popular among people in their 30s who pursue a healthy lifestyle. We provide readers with health-related information and advice, covering fitness routines, healthy eating, body transformation, and more. Things to consider when starting a health and fitness blog:

  • Exercise and diet plan
  • Health-related research and latest trends
  • Share your personal health story

3. Self-development and life wisdom

People in their 30s are often interested in self-development and the meaning of life. Self-development blogs cover a variety of topics, including goal achievement, stress management, and relationships, providing help and inspiration to readers. Things to consider when starting a personal development blog:

  • Self-development book review
  • Share goal setting and achievement strategies
  • Sharing life’s wisdom and lessons

4. Food and cooking

People in their 30s enjoy a variety of foods and are often interested in cooking. Food and cooking blogs can provide tantalizing content to your readers by sharing recipes, food reviews, and cooking tips. Things to consider when starting a food and cooking blog:

  • Provides various cooking recipes
  • Food place reviews
  • Share cooking techniques and tips


Bloggers in their 30s can run successful blogs by choosing a variety of topics. By leveraging your own interests and expertise, you will be able to grow your blog while providing valuable information and content to your readers. Considering your passions and interests when choosing a topic, and constantly updating your content and engaging with your readers are key to success.


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